Photo: Ida Susanne Aspaas Olsen


A Movement Based Artist 


Dancer, choreographer, teaching artist. Also exploring mediums of expression like film, visual arts and music.


His dance is influenced by spiritual, creative and somatic practices. 


And a deep interest in the bodily emotional language and communal rituals and the joyous energy of social, urban and folk dances.

Michael are traveling around the world with his own work and different other companies and projects .


Companies worth naming is Frikar, JSR Company, Kronos Dance Company, EWC and his own company / Collective: The Creative Art Force.


He has performed in places like New York, Uganda, Greenland, the Scandinavia, Germany more...

"Squeezed between yesterday and tomorrow, will we be  mindful and receptive enough to participate in the unfolding of the larger movement?"         

- Rilke

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