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about me.

A Movement Based Artist 


Dancer, choreographer, teaching artist. Also exploring mediums of expression like film, visual arts and music.


His dance is influenced by spiritual, creative and somatic practices. 


And a deep interest in the bodily emotional language, the communal rituals and the joyous energy of social, urban and folk dances.

His latest creations are the solo-performance "Forest Within" and the short movie  "Rökkr". 


Companies worth naming is Frikar, TekstLab, JSR Company, Kronos Dance Company, EWC and his own company / collective: The Creative Art Force.


He has performed in places like New York, Uganda, Greenland, the Scandinavia, Germany more...

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"Squeezed between yesterday and tomorrow, will we be  mindful and receptive enough to participate in the unfolding of the larger movement?"         

- Rilke


Forest Within


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Tel: 0047 944 22 477

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